Your life is not lying in wait in the future like a wild animal or some ominous destiny. Nor is it hidden in the heavens, like a paradise or promise. Nor is it shut up in the cave or the prison of your past. It is here and now; it is what you live and what you do. At the heart of being; at the heart of the present; at the heart of everything – in the great current of life, of reality.
Andre Comte-Sponville

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Our homeschool group is in chaos and I'm so frustrated by it all!!! It's all I've been thinking about for over a week, and I'm drained from the stress. The group has been going good for the last few years but things are going downhill - fast! We (the members) are having some differences of opinions and I just hope we can work it all out. I like most of the moms in the group but I feel like I've, finally, started to connect with a couple of the moms, in particular, which is huge for me. I have a really hard time getting comfortable w/ people - it, literally, takes me years! And I don't want this chaos to affect those new relationships. More importantly, I don't want the chaos to affect my kids. My girls love the other children in this group and they look forward to seeing their friends every week.

Our group has never been perfect but it's been good. We've always been able to reach common ground on whatever issues may come up, but the last couple months it's been different. I understand how it started but I don't understand how it has ended in this huge mess that we have lost control of. I'm afraid things are moving in a direction that I'm not comfortable with and so I'm worried.

The group is planning a meeting to discuss some issues so we'll see what happens. I'm a little nervous about the meeting because I'm not great w/ big groups but Dave will be there w/ me so that makes me feel better. Anyway, I'm sure it will be interesting!