Your life is not lying in wait in the future like a wild animal or some ominous destiny. Nor is it hidden in the heavens, like a paradise or promise. Nor is it shut up in the cave or the prison of your past. It is here and now; it is what you live and what you do. At the heart of being; at the heart of the present; at the heart of everything – in the great current of life, of reality.
Andre Comte-Sponville

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

**Domestic Dud**

Some women are domestic divas, but not me!  I'm a Domestic Dud!  I'm not great at cleaning, cooking, sewing, etc.  And the area I really suck at is....laundry!  Oh, how I hate doing laundry!!  This is what the laundry situation, normally, looks like at my house:

Yup, this is normal!  I let the dirty clothes pile up for a couple weeks, but once I, finally, get the stuff clean it will sit around in clean piles for days!  My kids will ask for a certain item of clothing, and I'll say - Look through the clean pile, if it's not there, you're out of luck!  Pick something else out!  So, yea, I'm a domestic dud.

Another thing I suck at is - entertaining!  I hate to entertain!  And it's not that I don't want my friends over to my house - it's just that it stresses me out to plan it!  Heck, it stresses me out just to think about it!  I worry about every little thing - it's, completely, ridiculous.  I worry about what to make, and if it's going to taste okay.  I worry about what we're going to do while they are here.  I worry about if they will have a good time.
We have friends who have had us over to their house a ton of times (you know who you are!), and I feel terrible that we've only had them over to our house, like two times!  It's, totally, rude, but I have such a hard time getting past my anxieties!  And, again, it's ridiculous because I know these friends don't care if my food turns out to suck!

What else?  Oh, also, I'm not one of those people who has a good stock of food for unexpected guest!  I buy only what I need for the week!  So, if people stop by - I don't have a little stash of goodies or beverages to offer....pretty much, all I'd be able to offer you is water, and, maybe, MAYBE, a saltine cracker!  So, yea, it's probably best that you don't just drop, seriously, don't do it!!

So, often, I wish I was better at all of this stuff.  I wish I could make myself keep up on the dang laundry!  I wish I loved to entertain.  I wish I could welcome impromptu visitors with open arms, and be happy that they've come.  BUT that's just not me - not yet anyway.  I'm going to work on doing better!  And I promise to have you - yes, YOU - over real soon! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

**One of Those Days**

Today, has been one of those rare days when I wish I didn't have to be a mama for the day.  I've been feeling nauseous all day (the worst kind of sick for me - I hate being nauseous....I'll take a headache, a runny nose, or a cough over nausea, any day!), and all I wanted to do was stay in my bed, and hibernate under the covers!  I didn't want to have to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I didn't want to referee my kids' fight.  I didn't want to do laundry.  I didn't want to drive Brenna to jazz class. I didn't want to take care of the dogs (which, normally, isn't a big deal, but a part of our fence is down, so I have to go outside with them to make sure they don't run away).  I didn't want to do anything, at all!!  BUT I'm the mama, and, unfortunately, mamas don't get breaks - at least, not during the week.  If today had been Sat. or Sun., I know my hubby would have taken over for me, but, of course, it seems when I do get sick it's always during the week!  I think, I'll take some NyQuil to knock myself out early tonight, and, hopefully, I'll wake up tomorrow, feeling better, and eager to take on my Mama role, again!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

**Ready For Summer**

I miss my husband.  He's been so busy over the last few weeks!  He's been a teacher for the apprenticeship since 2000, and he teaches one night a week for that.  And about a month ago, he received a promotion at work, and he is now training people which is great, BUT the training takes place after work, so now he is gone an extra night each week for that job.  Also, he had to go through some training of his own, so that was another two nights he had to work late over the last two weeks.  So, over the last couple weeks he's been working late three days a week.  And this week he had to teach on Monday and Tuesday nights, and Wednesday morning he left for Texas for work, and won't be back until Friday evening!!  So, yea, I'm missing my husband alot.  My girls are missing him, too.  And I feel bad for him because is, completely, drained!

So, I'm ready for summer because things slow down for him in the summer.  He doesn't teach for the apprenticeship during the summer months, and he won't do as much training then either.  And since we spend all our weekends at the cabin during the summer he usually gets home early on Fridays which is great. Our time at the cabin during the summer is wonderful!  When we wake up on Saturday we all meet on the porch and sit out there for, at least, an hour talking and laughing.  Then we make breakfast together, and we head back out to the porch to eat.  By 11am we're ready to head out to the lake, and we usually spend the whole day out there on the boat - we cruise around the lake for a bit, and then we anchor the boat so the girls can swim (Dave and I prefer just floating on a raft to relax, and soak up the sun!), and then we'll head over to the beach for awhile, and then it's back to the boat for another cruise around the lake.  Once we're all sunned out we head back to the cabin to shower, and then we grill out, and have dinner on the porch.  We usually end our day with a movie or a bonfire.  Good stuff!

This weekend we're going to the cabin for some much needed chill time!  It's not warm enough for the lake yet, but I'm looking forward to relaxing with my family - having some porch time, playing games, listening to music, taking a walk, watching a movie.  One more sleep, one more sleep, one more sleep, and we'll be there!  YAY!