Your life is not lying in wait in the future like a wild animal or some ominous destiny. Nor is it hidden in the heavens, like a paradise or promise. Nor is it shut up in the cave or the prison of your past. It is here and now; it is what you live and what you do. At the heart of being; at the heart of the present; at the heart of everything – in the great current of life, of reality.
Andre Comte-Sponville

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

**Sibling Fighting**

My girls have been fighting non-stop, and I'm so tired of listening to them!!  I swear, I was nearly in tears this morning because I'm so frustrated by the constant problems between them, and I don't know how to make them stop.  I feel like all I hear all day is - "Sissy, STOP!!"  and "Aubbie, I'm gonna tell, Mom!!" and "Sissy, get off me!!!!!!!" and "Aubbie, don't touch me!!!!!",  but, mostly, I hear, "MOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!"", which really annoys me!!!  I want them to be able to work out their differences calmly and quietly, and without screaming for me to intervene, but, maybe, I'm expecting too much.  They are only 8 and 10, but, jeez, the stuff they fight over is just ridiculous.  I know part of the problem is that they are, pretty much, with each other 24/7 - with being homeschooled they just don't spend much time apart.  They do go on playdates and sleepovers, but they always go together, so even though they are spending time with friends they are still, kind of, together.  So, my plan is to start letting them have separate playdates and sleepovers.  Hopefully, I can work that out with the other moms.  For now, the girls are grounded for the week.  In the meantime, I'm going to talk to them (AGAIN) about how they can handle their differences with each other in a better manner.  Things will get better, right??!

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