Your life is not lying in wait in the future like a wild animal or some ominous destiny. Nor is it hidden in the heavens, like a paradise or promise. Nor is it shut up in the cave or the prison of your past. It is here and now; it is what you live and what you do. At the heart of being; at the heart of the present; at the heart of everything – in the great current of life, of reality.
Andre Comte-Sponville

Thursday, August 18, 2011

**Time To Meditate?**

I think, I need to start meditating.  I've been SO on edge, lately, and every little thing is getting on my nerves.  I've been snapping at my family for no reason - yup, like I said below, I'm not perfect, so I need to remember to treat my family with respect, no matter what!  Anyway, I'm stressed, and I need to decompress.  So, I'm going to try to take time every day to decompress.  Here are some things I'll try:

  • Take a 15 minute walk - alone!
  • Read for 15 minutes
  • Meditate for 5 minutes
  • Stretch for 5 minutes - stretching always feel so good!

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